Refund policy

There is a clear policy in place regarding cancellations and refunds so that we can provide the best service possible to our customers.

There are goals in every project.

The document is then used as a reference to review progress, adjust project goals or timelines, and resolve any issues that may arise. This ensures the project outcome will be of the highest quality and meets both parties' expectations. Moreover, it serves as a reference in the event there are questions about the timeline, objectives, or deliverables. This should also include financial terms for services being rendered. The document should outline milestones that allow all stakeholders to track project progress from start to finish.

For work already completed, refunds are not available because each goal takes time to achieve. Once the work is completed, it becomes the client's property, and any payments for further development are void upon mutual termination. No refunds will be given for previous payments or deposits. Pay will only be refunded after the client approves mock-up designs and the project moves into development.

There are no partial refunds midway through the project phase.

We do not accept cancellations for services our marketing team offers on special occasions. You cannot cancel these limited-time offers as they are only valid for a limited time.

Refunding packages for web/app services is not possible, but giving a written cancellation notice 30 days in advance is possible. If a deposit or payment has been abandoned or parked for more than 30 days, it cannot be refunded.

The client will receive their money back within five to seven days of making their first payment if they decide not to continue with the project